Multi Spindle Lathe used buy – Tornos Multi Spindle, Tornos Multideco, Star Lathe & more

We are your specialist for the distribution of multi-spindle machines for single, medium and large companies. We maintain our contacts in Europe, Asia as well as North, Central and South America. Every multi-spindle lathe is checked by our team with regard to its suitability and overall condition before it is sold. Among other things, we offer you a Tornos multispindle lathe or a Star lathe in our range of used lathes.


Tornos Lathe – Swiss brand quality

A Tornos Multideco multi-spindle lathe is a reliable precision machine for the production of numerous parts in large quantities. For the development of a Tornos turning machine, the Swiss company relies on a team with a very high level of expertise. The Swiss Jura region is renowned for its high level of training and its virtues in the field of precision machine development. As an entrepreneur, you can purchase the Tornos multi-spindle machine from us at a top price for second-hand. 


Tornos multi-spindle or single-spindle Star lathe?

Entrepreneurs often ask themselves whether a single-spindle Star Lathe or a Tornos Multideco is more efficient as a multi-spindle machine for production. For entrepreneurs, the main issues are the cost of materials, manufacturing costs during the production phase, timing, energy and cooling costs and many other factors. Whether a Star lathe or Tornos lathe a single spindle is much more productive than a (Tornus) multispindle. By producing tooling, components or similar parts at a lower cycle rate, entrepreneurs can use the Tornos multi-spindle machine to guarantee their customers short delivery times. By using a multi-spindle lathe such as the Tornos Multideco, entrepreneurs also reduce their manufacturing costs. 


Tornos Multideco

Because this machine is very often bought by companies in the industry, we would like to briefly introduce the Tornus multi-spindle machine:

The multi-spindle lathe is manufactured by trained engineers in Switzerland. The used machines have already been used in industry and have been tested by our team. The machine is controlled via a specially developed screen from Tornos. The cooling medium used on this machine series is oil with cooling water connection. The Tornos turning machine guarantees precise workpieces. In industry, requirements have increased rapidly, particularly in the automotive industry due to the development of highly complex elements. The Tornos multi-spindle lathe meets all requirements and can be retrofitted or converted as required.


Star lathe for small businesses

Although a multi-spindle machine generates higher energy costs, the lathe is cheaper in the long run compared to a single-spindle machine. If a multi-spindle lathe achieves at least as high a productivity as a single-spindle lathe, it is worthwhile purchasing a Star lathe. The decisive factor is that a smaller footprint and lower personnel costs are incurred. As a rule, a Star lathe as a multi-spindle lathe allows a higher number of workpieces in a comparable cycle time. 


Multi-spindle lathe – Consulting & sales by VIB-Dannenmaier

Our VIB-Dannenmaier team has very good contacts in various countries around the world. We advise our customers before purchasing a Tornos Multideco lathe and together we consider which Tornos Multispindle machine is a good solution for their requirements. Before we deliver a Tornos or Star lathe, we present the functionalities. A detailed briefing on the Star or Tornos multi-spindle machine will be given after the machine has arrived. We are therefore responsible for picking up, transporting and setting up the machine at the buyer’s premises and also immediately carry out the initial adjustments on the Tornos or Star turning machine in the new workshop. 


Are you interested in a multi-spindle lathe such as the Tornos Multideco or another manufacturer? Please contact us immediately so that we can clarify all your lathe, delivery and financing requirements.