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Industrial parts cleaning & degreasing systems

Made-to-measure solution

Together with the company Höckh we offer industrial parts cleaning systems. These are suitable for cleaning and degreasing metal parts. From precise small machines up to large fully automatic plants you will also find the model for your needs here. And if not, Höckh will adapt the cleaning system to your requirements.

Parts cleaners

Industrial parts cleaning works on the basis of solvents or aqueous cleaning agents. Parts washing machines from Höckh can do both: – As degreasing plant for mechanical components in a vacuum from grease. – Remove dirt as a cleaning system.

large selection
made to measure

On the one hand Höckh offers standard equipment, which you can buy cheaply through us – even used equipment. Alternatively, the company also manufactures tailor-made solutions for your requirements. For example for precision cleaning, fully automatic large-scale plants or continuous cleaning plants.

You can find a questionnaire for the preparation of your specific offer here. Further information can also be found on the Höckh website.

Cleaning systems
for metals

You decide what you need. For example, the MULTICLEAN-F system: ideal for cleaning turned and punched parts, polishing parts or grinding parts that are heavily soiled with oil or grease. Particularly in demand in recent years: custom-made products for large stamped and formed parts. We have successfully put these into operation for our customers. Mesh box systems are now standard at Höckh. Experience you can rely on!

Our partner:

Höckh has been developing cleaning systems for the metal industry for over 45 years. The models come from Neuenbürg in the northern Black Forest. More than 840 MULTICLEAN systems are already in use all over the world. www.hoeckh.com

Not sure what’s possible? The VIB will advise you on the compilation of a industrial parts cleaning plant. You are also welcome to buy them used or directly from Höckh. Price on request.

rotary transfer machines

New and overhauled Pfiffner Hydromat – rotary transfer machines

Together with our partner Pfiffner Deutschland GmbH, we not only organise your desired machine on the international market, but above all we are unrivalled in the conversion and revision of rotary transfer machines, thanks to our many years of experience and sound technical know-how.


But also new Pfiffner rotary transfer machines are indispensable for profit-oriented production in the high-volume sector. It does not always have to be a CNC multi-spindle machine. Let’s find a production possibility for your parts together. We are looking forward to your contact. 

Definition of a Revest® general overhaul:

  • Complete disassembly of the machine, including all assemblies
  • Cleaning, sandblasting and repainting
  • Reworking machine columns and unit carriers, including all common “upgrades
  • Restoration of the original accuracy including geometric documentation
  • Replacing the entire hydraulic installation
  • General overhaul of rotary indexing table, including gripper plate
  • General overhaul of all machining units and Hydromat valves
  • Replacing the entire electrical installation
  • New electrical cabinet, with the latest SIEMENS SPS control and the latest software or with CNC version Bosch Rexroth
  • New control panel with SIEMENS terminal or with CNC version Pfiffner HMI
  • All overhauls meet the CE guidelines

Further information is also available on the website of Pfiffner.

Not sure what’s possible? The VIB advises you on the composition of

industrial rotary transfer machines. You can also buy them from us used or directly new. Price on request.

Innovative cleaning box

Lower costs for parts cleaning

The VIB cleaning box prevents chips and oil vapours from contaminating the air in your production. Lower cleaning costs – healthier environment for employees.

Advantages of the cleaning box

The box blows the finished parts off or out before your employees measure and pack them. Air pistols can also do this. But then chips, dirt and cooling lubricant end up in the vicinity of the production machine. Our cleaning box prevents this. Here all particles remain in the closed system. The dirt collects in the tray, which you can easily dispose of. Do you have an extraction system? Protect the health of your employees with the cleaning box. Because you can also connect the blow-off room with your exhaust air system (centralised or decentralised). The vapours from the cooling lubricant then do not end up in the ambient air, but are extracted automatically. This is how the industrial parts cleaning system works The cleaning box makes packaging twice as efficient. While the operator at the machine is packing the parts, he controls the parts cleaning device with his foot. Even easier is the automatic light barrier. So he always has one hand free to measure and pack more quickly.

Find the right
parts cleaning system

Our cleaning box is available in three sizes: The small parts cleaner in the table version is suitable if you have little space available. It can be mounted directly on the machine, between machines or above the chip conveyor. Also very good for quality assurance. This system is only available with light barrier. The “normal” blow-out box is sufficient for most industrial applications. In addition to the proximity switch, the operator can also operate it with his foot. You need the double blow box if you brush your parts with a washing medium. With the left foot you open the pump, through which the liquid runs off safely. On the right side you control the air flow. You buy the cleaning box directly from us. Price on request. We will be happy to demonstrate the cleaning box at your premises.

Not sure what’s possible? The VIB will advise you on the composition of a industrial cleaning box. You can also buy these used or directly from us. Price on request.

Chip conveyor for lathes

buy used or new at a good price

Here you will find used and new chip conveyors. Available as a standard variant or tailored to your needs. We have one goal: to make working with lathes more efficient.

Chip conveyors – safe, fast & economical


Often a machine can only be used under full load if other machines are used for support. One such machine is the chip conveyor, for example. The performance of today’s machines, especially in plant or machine construction, often results in a large amount of chips. These are not only annoying dirt, but can under certain circumstances also cause problems for machines and employees. It is the task of the chip conveyor to immediately pick up the resulting chips of different sizes and transport them away reliably. At the end there is a container which collects the material so that it can be transported away safely and quickly afterwards.


In a metalworking company that relies on high-performance machines, it is not unusual for many metal chips to accumulate. Even after a short period of time, these can considerably impair and slow down the work and if you have to take care of the manual removal of the chips yourself every time after a work step, this leads to unnecessary time delays. The chip conveyor is the perfect solution for this common problem. It starts exactly where chips are produced. It catches them reliably and transports them to the collection container. This guarantees that the chips do not get caught where they could cause problems and possibly even damage the machines. Of course, the chip conveyor is available in many different versions, so that it can be perfectly adapted to other machines, such as the Index multi-spindle lathe, Index single-spindle lathe, Star sliding headstock lathe, Citizen sliding headstock lathe, Traub sliding headstock lathe, Traub sliding headstock lathe, Traub sliding headstock lathe, or sliding headstock lathe of the Okuma, Gildemeister, Doosan Puma brands. This makes it the logical and necessary addition for a wide range of processes. Depending on the selected size, the conveyor is capable of removing astonishing quantities of chips. The operation will thus be able to work more efficiently, faster and safer.

Why our chip conveyor?

The model is an individual sponsor. It separates correct metal parts from chips. At the same time it cleans the chips of cooling lubricant. It does this continuously and reliably. This makes production more effective. In addition, both the workpieces and the coolant last longer. Advantages Our simple chip conveyor is particularly cost-effective. After only a few months in operation, it pays for itself through improvements in quality and more efficient use of your resources. This is particularly evident in the fact that you can count on less downtime. Metal chips often block the production of intact parts – no longer. This increases the degree of utilization of every lathe, from Index single-spindle lathes to Traub or Star lathes to Doosan Puma. Your workers will also thank you. Instead of picking up the chips from the machine by hand, the chip conveyor does it for you. The employee is freed from unproductive work and can put more energy into production. By the way: The chip conveyor is suitable for all materials, not just metal parts.

Tailor-made solution for your company

In addition to our individual sponsors, we also offer more complex alternatives. This allows us to cooperate with our network in the metal industry. Together we develop equipment that can do more. For example: a variant that runs automatically on the lathe. For example with an oil tank, the bottom of which is cleaned automatically. So you rarely have to worry about cleaning the container by hand. We also install the desired chain, screw or accessories. Painting in the machine colour is also possible. You can buy the chip conveyors from us used or new, depending on your needs. Price on request. Also interesting: Our rinsing systems for lathes. Ask now for a free consultation!

Not sure what’s possible? The VIB will advise you on the compilation of industrial chip conveyors. You are also welcome to buy used or directly new chip conveyors from us. Price on request.

Parts conveyor

metal conveyor belt

Here there are parts conveyor belts for industry. Due to our large selection you will also find the right conveyor belt for your company. Price on request.

Always the right conveyor belt for metal parts

Especially popular: our conveyor belts for the metal industry. For example, on index machines used in the manufacture of medical technology or automotive parts. This is why we often supply companies with lathes, automatic rotary indexing machines and Co. But you can also use our parts conveyor belts in plastics processing.

High-quality material

We have the highest demands on a metal conveyor belt. It has to transport cold and hot parts. Dry or wet parts. Supply and discharge. To achieve this, we only use tested materials. Each belt conveyor is specially designed for use in industry.


Buy new

In our network you will find used conveyor belts at favourable prices. Alternatively, we also offer new conveyor belts: as small conveyor belts, in different sizes and made of different materials. Price on request. We would also be pleased to advise you free of charge on the selection or demonstrate a belt on site. Contact us now to buy a conveyor belt!

Not sure what’s possible? The VIB will advise you on how to put together a conveyor belt. You are also welcome to buy them used or directly from us. Price on request.

Fire protection

Automatic CO2 extinguishing system in industrial plants

Protect your industrial plants from fires with an automatic CO2 extinguishing system. Fire protection from Kraft & Bauer is perfect for your production: Quickly and with less effort for the repair of automatic lathes and the like.

Find the right fire alarm system with VIB

We would be pleased to advise you on upgrading fire protection. For a start you will find a simple risk analysis here.


We will discuss your fire risk in a meeting or on site. Together we will find a solution that is tailored to your needs. Thanks to our cooperation with Kraft & Bauer, we also offer customized upgrades: for example, air shut-off dampers or dampers for pressure relief.

Perfect for the industry

The object protection is designed for metal processing. This includes lathes (also CNC), rotary transfer machines, machining centres and more.


You can buy all systems directly from us or from Kraft & Bauer. Price on request.


Let us advise you now!

Further information is also available on the website of Kraft & Bauer.

Advantages of the fire alarm system

The system is controlled by a microprocessor. It also combines optical and thermal detectors – in other words, it “sees” and “feels” a fire. As a result, the sensors detect the fire faster: just one second after it has broken out.


They also warn you faster. The rapid alarm – in the form of light and sound – prevents your employees from getting into danger. In addition, the response time reduces the number of machine failures.


The extinguishing gas contained is carbon dioxide. But you can also operate the fire extinguisher with argon and other gases if required. No matter what the contents: The design ensures optimum distribution.


The integrated emergency power supply secures your industrial building even in emergency situations. No conversion is necessary.

Automatic CO2 extinguishing system from Kraft & Bauer​

We cooperate with Kraft & Bauer. The manufacturer of fire protection systems supplies solutions especially for the metal industry. The system meets all fire protection requirements. For example, the small extinguishing systems regulation DIN 14497, professional association BGR 134 and EN 13478 “Safety on machines”.

Not sure what’s possible? The VIB will advise you on the composition of an industrial fire protection system. You are welcome to buy these also from us used or directly from Kraft & Bauer new. Price on request.

Oil mist separator

3nine purifies oil and emulsion mist in the metalworking industry.

Innovative technology for oil and emulsion mist separation in the metalworking industry has helped 3nine to become a market leader.

At the service of the environment

With a technology that lays the groundwork for clean air, 3nine makes environmental awareness a natural part of every activity. More than 350,000 litres of oil have so far been separated using this revolutionary technology in more than 2000 processing machines equipped with 3nine oil mist separators. Otherwise, these oil mists would have escaped directly into the air or would have polluted the breathing air of workers in many factories.


Nicht sicher, was möglich ist? Die VIB berät Sie bei der Zusammenstellung von industriellen Spanförderern. Gerne können Sie diese auch über uns gebraucht oder direkt neu kaufen. Preis auf Anfrage.

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